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Welcome to the Proud of Us Kennel website!
      Primrose Howard "Tristan"           and       Sieger's One By One "Domino"   
 Tristan Domino
You are on a website about English Springer Spaniels
Our website comes to acquaint you with both of our wicked dogs, the breed, the everydays of keeping dogs, all of its ups and downs and with our results achieved on dog exhibitions.
We hope you will have as much fun on these pages as we do in the company of our dogs’.
As we love animals, let us introduce you to the „others”, who you will also meet in the photos and stories:  
Bátor – Ildikó’s golden retriever,
Monyon and Marci - her kittens, who unfortunately no longer live with us,
Sanyi, Mamusz, Kitty, Silver, Marci, Luca, Panka, Manka, Döme and Lili – our kittens,
Barnus – a cross between a mudi and a pumi, who we retrieved from a dogs’ asylum,
Nusi  – our pygmy rabbit.
We hope you will enjoy your time here,
 Ildikó Gáspár & Niki Tápay